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Investbound’s mission is to uncover quality thematic investing ideas for you.

Our mindset is digital-first, analytics-driven. Investbound’s mission is to democratize thematic investing for all.

We focus on uncovering quality companies that are leaders, innovators, and disruptors that are not well-covered but are prime beneficiaries of secular investment themes.

We use factor-based analytics to deliver personalized investing ideas. These recommendations are delivered in real-time as a service.

Uncovering quality thematic investing ideas

Modern investing consists of participating in secular investment themes, whether through individual stocks or smart ETFs. Investors today are heavily concentrated in well-known stocks such as FANG – Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google.

However, there are many companies with secular growth potential beyond FANG. Our mission is to help you uncover these quality thematic investing ideas through an idea recommendation engine.

Disrupting the old

Despite advances in data analytics, the traditional financial advisory industry has been slow to adopt new technologies in providing investment recommendations.

The surge in smart ETFs has also provided a new avenue for investors to gain exposure to investment themes. Traditional financial advisers have largely ignored these new tools.

Quality thematic investing resources

Our goal is also to provide quality thematic investing education through quality guides and articles. Our guides cover:

  • Investment Process
  • Investing Ideas
  • Investing Resources

About us

We are a group of seasoned portfolio managers and research analysts at institutional money managers. We aim to democratize quality thematic investing for all.

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